Meow~Meow~ Meow…
I am street cat Bobby!

Twenty years ago, the SPCA(HK) implemented the 'Cat Colony Care Programme' for the welfare of our stray cats, introducing the concept of 'trap, neuter, return' and opening up a world in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong where we can live freely and healthily.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this Programme, the Society is about to hold its first Cat Festival. I will also become a '5-metre tall giant kitty' and wait for everyone to come take pictures with me and witness the precious friendship between humans and cats living in harmony!

The event is also fully sponsored by ProVet, the renowned Wai Yuen Tong's pet supplement product range developed by Chinese medicine veterinarians. All net proceeds and donations received from the event will be used to support the SPCA's ‘Cat Colony Care Programme’.


23rd Oct 2020 (Friday)
- 15th Nov 2020 (Sunday)


Lee Tung Street,

Constant activity

1. CATtention

A 5-meter tall giant cat has been spotted on the lawn of Lee Tung Avenue! Not only is it adorable and lifelike, this ear-tipped cat lights up in the evenings, giving cat lovers an unmissable opportunity to take photos.

2. 'Street Cat Hunt' Game

10 cute ear-tipped cats will be hidden in every corner of Lee Tung Street for cat lovers everywhere to take pictures with and check in, giving you a taste of what it's like to wander on the streets like cats. Through the display board next to the cats, you will learn more about the street cats!

If you show the photos of 10 ear-tipped cats uploaded onto social media platforms at the Cat Market that is held every Sunday at the Cat Festival, you will also receive a small exquisite gift.

3. Lee Tung Avenue Exclusive Offers

Shops supporting the 'Cat Festival' by donating certain amount of their proceeds during the event in support of 'Cat Colony Care Programme':

  • Caskells Whisky & Fine Spirits (Shop G38)
  • Nail Bar (Shop B11)

Shops providing special offer during the event:

  • Emack & Bolio’s (Shop G09-10)
  • Kaneko Hannosuke (Shop G16)
  • Sun Kai Tat (Shop B07)
  • Catalo (Shop B37)
  • Hallmark (Shop B05-06)
  • Thermos (Shop B40)
  • Benefit (Shop G34B)
  • G.O.A.T Barbershop (Shop B33)
  • Gong Fu Teahouse (Shop B08-09)
  • PizzaExpress (Shop G31 & F31A)
  • Hay! (Shop G01, 04-05)

Special event

Sunday Cat-themed Flea Market :

Of course, cats will be the protagonists at the Cat Festival's Flea Market! Every Sunday, there will be outdoor stalls on Lee Tung Street, collecting all kinds of cat-themed handcrafts and supplies. Cat lovers must not miss it!

Event Date :
25 October 2020 (Sunday), 1 November 2020 (Sunday), 8 November 2020 (Sunday), 15 November 2020 (Sunday)
Event Time :
12:00nn - 6:00pm
Other Activities :
- Cat Brick Exhibition
- Cat Show & Tell

Halloween Cat Party :

Let's add something new to this year's Halloween! Come to Lee Tung Street to participate in the Cat-Themed Flea Market held in the evening, dress up in your favourite 'kitty' look to take pictures and check in, enjoy the market, shop at the supporting merchants on Lee Tung Street, dine and pass the time.

Share your look of the day to your Facebook page, add the hashtag SPCAHK, and you will have a chance to compete for the best style award, and you will also receive a Giant Cat-themed die cut cushion!

Event Date :
31 October 2020 (Saturday)
Event Time :
6:00 - 9:00pm

Fully Support :

Note: This is an outdoor event and it is NOT suitable to bring your cats from home.

In the case of rain or inclement weather, the Cat-Themed Flea Market and the Halloween Cat Party may be cancelled, and will be announced on the event website and the SPCA Facebook page 3 hours before the event.

The entire cat festival event may also be cancelled due to changes in the pandemic or social movements. The latest news will be announced on the event website and the SPCA Facebook page.

Donations received will be used to support the welfare of street cats